Friends & A Few MerCon Links

On Tuesday I had my good friend Annelise over to hang out. Annelise and I go way back; all the way back to our Middle School days! I still remember sitting with her in the back of the room at Tech Ed, whittling away at pieces of wood. Although, I guess you wouldn’t exactly call it whittling, more like sanding. At least, I think that’s what it’s called when you take a thing to a piece of wood to smooth out the edges.

As you can see, Tech Ed really stuck with me. My teachers would be so proud! I do remember the terror at the thought of even entering the metal room… and the sounds of the machines on the metal. And sometimes, when I put on a big, chunky ring I think, “This would definitely get caught on one of those machines in Tech Ed.” That’s always a pleasant thought.

But, anyway, moving on. I had Annelise over and I wasn’t exactly sure what we were going to do. Usually we go to a movie or hang out in a coffeeshop. But this week the dog was spending so much time in her kennel that I really didn’t want her to spend anymore time than necessary in there, so I asked if she’d just come to the house. Luckily, Annelise came prepared! She brought a box of cupcake mix and S1 of Burn Notice, determined to convert me to the wonderfulness of the show.

First we made the cupcakes (see above, next to a glass of almond milk), which turned out to be so delicious that we couldn’t eat just one and we enjoyed the cupcakes while playing with the dog (who I’m sure was hoping for a bite). After that, we watched the pilot of Burn Notice. My first thought? Look, there’s Princess Mary from The Tudors! But soon, the witty writing and excellent storytelling took over and I was hooked. Immediately after she left, I added the show to my Netflix queue. If you haven’t had a chance, I highly recommend checking it out!

On Tuesday, I promised all of you a few links that I was going to post yesterday, which I fully intended to do. The problem was, as soon as I sat down to post the links I fell asleep. (It was a long day!) So, I bring them to you now:

Susan Knight Studios: This is the FANTASTIC underwater photographer that Heather had her photoshoot with. Her photos are amazing, so you should all go take a look!

The 3 Tails: The YouTube show that goes along with The 2 Tails, the tail maker that allowed Heather to borrow a tail for her underwater photoshoot. This website also has a link to their YouTube channel if you’re interested in watching their show. It’s pretty cute!

Candy Ginger: A jewelry-maker who we were able to buy some FANTASTIC jewelry from! I’m in love with the pirate skull ring I bought from her! And she’s also the sweetest person!

World Mermaid Awards: And last, but definitely not least, the World Mermaid Awards, who brought everyone together.

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