From My Camera: January 2013

Once upon a time I used to take my camera everywhere with me and I had photographic evidence of what I did nearly every day of the year.  Last year I fell out of that habit and while my purse became considerably lighter (and I was able to start carrying smaller bags), I miss being able to look through photos of my year.

Also, my photography skills took a serious nosedive.
So I decided that it’s time to start documenting my year again and, of course, I thought I’d share some of my pictures with you from time to time.

Little One

(1) Le Chiot was the sweetest little pup and spent a lot of time by my side as I recovered from the flu. (2) Lounging in one of her favorite rooms in the house. (3) I captured this photo of Little One chewing a bone and even though it’s blurry because she was moving around and we were in a dim room, I absolutely love it. (4) Another blurry picture but she’s just too adorable! (5) Little One went to the groomer and came home adorned with a bow.

In the Kitchen

My dad doesn’t like to eat a lot of sugar and is always looking for recipes that have a sugar substitute so for his birthday I found a recipe for a chocolate cake with splenda.  I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t use a mixer and mixed everything by hand or if it’s just that splenda creates a different kind of batter, but this cake came out looking like the surface of the moon.  It tasted like a chocolate cake, though.  And after dinner, we piled slices of the cake with Chocolate Chocolate Chip and Green Tea ice cream so the appearance of the cake didn’t matter anyway.

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