Fun Facts About Bees

Fun Facts About Bees*

– Only female bees can sting because they also use their stinger to lay eggs.
– Sterile female bees only use their stinger to sting.
– Some bees die after stinging because their stinger is attached to their abdomen and barbed.  When they try to the fly away the barbs cause their stinger to detach.
– Other bees (like carpenter bees) that don’t have barbed stingers can sting over and over and over and over and over again.  (I don’t think this is fair.)

Fun Facts About Bees and Me

– My first memory is of being stung by a bee.
– When I was younger, bees and hornets liked to sting me in pairs.
– A bee came into my room last night and disappeared.  Now I have no idea where it is.

Fun Facts About Bees in Movies

* I gathered this information at Pestworld for Kids.
In other news, the Olympics Opening Ceremony is on tonight!  I’ll be watching, of course.  Will any of you?

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