Let’s see a show of hands: who has watched Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life?

I have! And I have thoughts. I even took notes because… well, that’s what I do when I get geeky about things like this. So I thought I’d share my thoughts with all of you.

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(And yes, that is Miss Little One, trying to make a move on my coffee while we watched Gilmore Girls.)

If you’d like the quick version: I really enjoyed it. I was also pretty underwhelmed by it. And my final note was “WTF?” That actually popped up quite a bit in my notes.

But I’ll share more thoughts below.

If you have not watched the Gilmore Girls revival and you do not want to be spoiled, do not read this post.

I repeat… there are spoilers ahead for the Gilmore Girls revival. Do not continue reading if you haven’t watched Gilmore Girls and do not want to be spoiled.

Okay, now we’ve entered the spoiler zone.

So, I liked the “Year in the Life” feel and going through the different seasons, HOWEVER I’m also slightly mixed on it because it felt like things moved so slowly. In reality, they went through quite a bit for a years worth of time, but from a storytelling perspective I wanted to see most of the show dominated by things that we saw in Fall and I wanted to see less of what was in all the others.


This was probably my second favorite episode of all four and I thought it was a good opening to reintroduce people to the Gilmore Girls world, however my overall reaction to it was “Meh.”

I loved, loved, loved the opening scene and hearing all the voices and lines from the show. I got goose bumps!

Rory’s boyfriend… there were some cute moments with forgettable he was, like when Rory and Lorelai left Luke’s while he was in the bathroomย and Rory ran back in and sat down just as he returned to the table. However… what was up with Rory continuing to date this guy she always forgot about? No, just no! That’s not cool.

I found that my favorite moments in Winter were the moments we already saw in the trailer: the portrait of Richard, Emily decluttering.

I appreciated that Richard’s death really helped shape the season. It wasn’t something that had happened in the past and it wasn’t something they just blew past (how could they)? It made him such a big part of the revival and he was such a big part of the show that it would have felt lacking without him, I think.

What I loved most about it is that Stars Hollow and all the people in it were the same as they were when the show was airing. It was so much fun to see everyone again!

Oh, and Paris as a mom and a fertility doctor with this huge fertility clinic… I did not see any of that coming, but it also didn’t surprise me.


Spring was not my favorite episode out of the four. I’d say it was tied with most of Summer as my least favorite.

Things I liked: Chilton. That was fun. And Rory at this particular stage in her life. More thoughts on that in a minute.

I think most fans love the people of Stars Hollow and would agree that they really help make the show. It’s a quirky place and the Gilmore’s are a quirky family and they’re balanced out by all these quirky people in Stars Hollow that in a way becomes an extended family for Lorelai and Rory. And I guess I felt like they were missing from this episode, because my final note was “Really, really, really missed the Stars Hollow peeps. Really.”

So, back to Rory. She has never been my favorite character. I enjoyed her in the first three or four seasons, but once she had the affair with Dean I sort of lost the warm fuzzies for her. It wasn’t just the affair with Dean, but that was a big plot point when I realized that I didn’t particularly like her character. And that didn’t change with this revival. HOWEVER, I liked seeing where she was at in life. I liked that life didn’t exactly go as she thought it would and that she felt a little lost and unsure where to go next. I’ve felt that way, I know people who have felt that way and I think that’s a very common thing to go through in life. I appreciated seeing that struggle play out on screen and I also appreciated that it wasn’t really resolved by the end. That’s life. And I appreciated seeing that bit of reality infused into the show. I think it’s something that a lot of people who grew up with Gilmore Girls and are watching the revival now will be able to relate to and find comfort in.


1) What was with the pool? Lorelai and Rory hanging out by the pool seemed off to me.
2) April… is kinda like Rory. I didn’t really like her then and I don’t really like her now.

The storyline with Logan bugged me. First of all, she’s been in a very similar situation before (see thoughts on Dean above) and it didn’t go well, so why is she in that situation again? Also, they’re not a perfect match, but out of all of her boyfriends he was the one that made the most sense to me. (Jess fans, please don’t hate me! I actually really like his character, but I never saw them as a decent match. And I still don’t.) So the whole thing just really irritated me.

That musical… it was WAAAY too long, but totally quirky and Stars Hollow-y. They should have left it at that awful first number with the dance between the two stools, because that’s all you needed to see to know that the musical was a disaster. (I loved Lorelai scribbling notes, using up the ink in her pen, and the difference between her reaction and everyone else’s though.)

I have a note here that says, “Her book is going to be called Gilmore Girls, isn’t it?” Yep!

I really liked seeing the different ways that Emily grieved. That felt very realistic.

I loved that last song for the musical and how fitting it was for Lorelai. I loved Lorelai’s announcement that she was going to have a Wild experience.

Most of Summer was a bit of a miss with me, but I loved the last half hour and was excited to get into Fall after that.

I really wished we had less of the first four hours and more of the last two hours, because that’s what really captured my attention.


This was definitely my favorite of the episodes.

I absolutely loved Lorelai’s entire Wild experience. The book people and the movie people… the ranger saying that weather conditions weren’t great for throwing the boot… Lorelai thinking she’d actually do this. And I loved when she actually did have her Wild experience and called her mom with that beautiful memory of her dad. I will admit to crying during that scene.

Also, Luke’s speech when Lorelai came home and he thought she was going to leave him. I was like, FINALLY! I have waited for something like that from him since they first got together back in season four or five…whenever it was.

Rory and Logan… again with the heartbreak on my part. But that send off for the Life and Death Brigade was epic and I loved every minute of it.

Rory writing her book at her grandparent’s house was the best. And the flashback of Richard at his desk? Cried again!

I loved the closure to the Rory/Dean relationship. It started out as such a sweet relationship, but it went really wrong and it always made me sad that the lasting memory of it was the affair and the relationship that was so sad for each of them that resulted.

One thing that was hard for me with this revival was to see how at odds Emily and Lorelai were for the majority of it and how tense things were between Rory and Chris. He wasn’t perfect, obviously, no one is. But he loves her and I wish they had found a level of comfort with each other that I felt was totally lacking.

Sookie! I’m so glad she was able to get this scene in and it was PERFECT! The cakes, the hug, you’re still my best friend and, of course, Sookie knowing whoย was in her kitchen based on smells in the air. ย It was perfect!

I also loved the wedding. It was beautiful.

And then the final four words that earned my final note of WTF? “Mom?” “Yes?” “I’m pregnant.” I have such mixed feelings about it and I don’t think I’d be able to put them into coherent thoughts right now, so… I’m just leaving it at that. It wasn’t surprising, but it was also wasn’t a satisfying ending, in my opinion, and I have some issues with it.


I should give anyone who finished reading this entire post a piece of candy! Go you! Thanks for sticking with me through the entire rambling review. As a side note: I loved all the Bunhead and Parenthood cameos in this! That was a lot of fun.

Like I saidย earlier, I enjoyed the revival. It was fun to revisit Stars Hollow and see these characters again. But I was also pretty underwhelmed by it and there was a lot that didn’t live up to my expectations.

Mostly, the revival made me want to rewatch the show again to relive all the moments from before that I loved.

What did you think of the revival?

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