Reflecting on the things that make us happy each week. //

1 // Puppy cuddles, both with my sweet pup and the cutie above. (Have I introduced everyone to him yet? This is Odin and he brings love and happiness to the home of some good friends of mine.)

2 // Thinking ahead to my next trip to Colombia.

3 // My Salt Cathedral post is finally up! (I’ve been postponing it for far too long.)

4 // Added a bunch of writing classes to my calendar so that I remember to sign up for them as they approach.

5 // Cooler weather. Maybe this time the fall-like weather will stick.

6 // Ordered some desk supplies that will hopefully come this weekend so that I can get set it up.

7 // Lots and lots of cooking over the weekend.

8 // Already grabbed a Starbucks coffee (or two).

9 // My mermaid tail blanket arrived! (Yep, my mermaid tail blanket. It’s awesome!)

10 // Anticipation for a cold press with a shot of raspberry at my writing class tomorrow. I think I might like the coffeeshop as much as I like the writing classes!

What made you happy this week?

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>> Inspired by the linkup hosted by Krysten, Lindsay and Charlotte.