High Five for Friday

Have I shared this picture yet? I like to send random pictures of Little One to my brother-in-law sometimes because he likes her (of course, she’s wonderful) and I thought this one was really cute.

I thought I’d participate in High Five for Friday today. It’s been a great week. Nothing exciting happened, but it’s been a great week anyway. Here are some of the highlights of my week.

1. Words were flowing this week whenever I sat down to write. Sometimes writing can be hard and trying to put words out can be like pulling teeth. Other times the words just come and this was one of those weeks. I honestly think this is why my week was so great, because whenever writing is that wonderful I’m usually pretty happy.

2. The Olympics are starting! I have faithfully watched the Olympics since I was a little girl. I finally got on the DVR bandwagon one year when the Olympics were approaching and I realized I probably wouldn’t be able to get two weeks off of work just so that I could watch them. I wanted to be an Olympian when I was younger, but alas, my parents never enrolled me in figure skating or gymnastics.

3. It’s been cold, so Little One has been extra cuddly lately.

4. I went clothes shopping. It’s one of my least favorite things to do and I hate spending money on clothes (it takes away from money that I could spend on books) but I needed to go. Luckily, I found exactly what I needed really quickly and I’m happy with my purchase, so that was nice and easy.

5. My friend Sarah and I are having a writing night tomorrow. It’s been awhile since we’ve had one of those! But we both made our writing goals for the beginning of the year, so we’re working on making those.

What are some of the highlights of your week? Link up with Lauren Elizabeth to share.

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