High Five Friday

Happy Friday, everyone! I am looking forward to a (mostly) quiet weekend with Little One and some books. What are all of you doing this weekend?

I saw a High Five Friday on my friend Sam’s blog and thought that it was the perfect way to end the week.

1. I spent Father’s Day with all of my siblings and my parents. It’s not often that everyone is together for a holiday anymore, especially a smaller one, so it was really nice.

2. I am a sucker for beach/ocean-scented candles and I found two that I had my eye on for awhile on sale. Both of them came home with me.

3. I cleaned out the remains of two jars of peanut butter and half of another and was able to scrape together enough peanut butter to make half a batch of these Nutella-Swirled Chocolate Chunk Peanut Butter Blondies. I tried one right after they cooled off and loved it but then I put the rest in the freezer and they are sooo good straight out of the freezer! Hopefully there will be some left when my nephew is over tomorrow and he can try one. He has a gluten allergy so I would love to share this dessert with him.

4. For years I’ve been saying that I’d like to take up painting but I haven’t yet. This week, I finally bought some paints.

5. Little One and I enjoyed a quiet evening last night. Of course, later that night she also woke me up at 3am because she was hungry. I’m grateful that’s the first time that she’s woken up before me… and I’m hoping that it won’t be a regular occurrence! I really enjoy having a dog that likes to sleep in, too.
What were some of your highlights this week? Head over to Lauren’s blog if you’d like to link up!

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    Optimistic Existentialist
    June 25, 2013 at 3:33 pm

    LOL wow she is OUT like a lightbulb 🙂

    My main highlight from last week was getting a Kindle Paperwhite – something I never thought I'd do!

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