Honor Your Promises to Yourself

What promises have you made to yourself recently? Have you kept them?

The weeks leading up to Easter were busy. It is for anyone who works for a church, but I didn’t think through the increased workload that would come with working for multiple churches. I had a promotional to-do list… x3 churches. On top of that, my social media plan for one was a little intense. I love how it turned out, but it took a lot of energy. A lot of creative energy. Basically… Photoshop and I needed some time apart. And Easter weekend would be perfect! Not only would all my promotional work be done so I could take Saturday and Sunday off, but the office was also closed on Monday, so I could designate that as a day off, too. But I didn’t want to come back from three days off only to scramble through the next week… so I decided that I’d have everything that needed to go up in various places on the internet done by the end of the day on Good Friday. I made a massive to-do list, completed it, and took those three days off. It felt great to relax knowing that the following week was covered, too.

When I told my coach about this during our last call, she congratulated me on honoring my commitment to myself. I made the commitment that I would be able to take three days off without thinking about what was ahead for the next week, so I worked to make sure everything the following week was covered. And when I reached that three-day period I made sure I took it off. There were times I thought, “I could do this…” and realized it was a work-related task. And while I could have done them, I had promised myself those days off. So I honored that.

It made me realize how important it is that we honor those promises we make to ourselves. It’s so easy to make excuses to break them.

“It never hurts to work and be productive.” Except it does when what you truly need is to rest and recharge. In fact, if you take that time, you’ll work better and be more efficient when you return.

“I don’t really need that bath.” Except that you do need time to let go of whatever is on your mind, whatever you’re carrying around in your body, and if that bath is how you can do it, you need that time.

“I guess I don’t need to read this novel. It’s just frivolous.” Fiction isn’t frivolous, but that’s another topic for another day. And if that’s how you escape and unwind, you need that moment to escape into another world.

“There’s so much to do around the house, I guess I don’t need to do yoga tonight.” Yes, girl! Yes you do. You could make the argument that if you’re doing housework you’re being active and that’s 100% true, but if what you truly desire is to have a yoga session, or dance for a half hour, or go for a run, you need to take that time. Maybe that’s what your body needs. And, probably, that’s what YOU need. And that’s reason enough to do it.

And if you’re thinking, “But the housework needs to be done. Cluttered house = cluttered mind.” Then do that housework. Unclutter your house so that when you move onto the next thing you can do so with an uncluttered mind.

What it all boils down to is if you need to do something for you, make a commitment to yourself that you’ll do it. Make a promise to yourself that you’ll take care of this need. And then…

Honor your promise to yourself.

And sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes it feels unnatural. Sometimes it feels like we should be doing something else. But if you take care of your needs, you’ll take care of other needs better.

Today I encourage you to take time to think about what promises you’ve made to yourself, or what promises you need to make to yourself. Make a note of them and then honor them.

And when you do congratulate yourself. That’s awesome! It’s worthy of acknowledgment.

What promises have you made to yourself? What promises are going to make for yourself? I’d love to cheer you on!

When you need to do something for you, make a commitment to yourself that you'll do it. Make a promise to yourself that you'll take care of this need. And then... Honor that promise to yourself. // dreams-etc.com

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