How I Care For My Hair

People have asked what I do for my hair. I have long hair that grows fairly quickly and stays pretty soft, even though I make a trip to the salon every six to eight weeks to have my hair colored. It also survived the night that I spent six hours at the salon a few years ago to have the black dye I had been using for years bleached out and red put in. I am by no means a hair care expert, but here are some things that I do that I think keeps my hair healthy.

1. Drink green smoothies. I drink a green smoothie almost every day and, as it is with skin, I think nutrition is key. My hair stylist asked me once if I was getting my fruits and veggies because of how healthy my hair was.  This was before my green smoothie days, but I was eating a plate of veggies and hummus for lunch. On those days that a green smoothie doesn’t sound appealing I think of my hair as I gulp the smoothie down.

2. Wait a few days between washes. I wash my hair every three days so that the natural oils in my hair can do their thing. There was an adjustment period to get used to not washing my hair every day, but once I did I noticed a huge difference. My advice for surviving the awkward hair period is to leave your hair down the first day, half up the second and all the way up the final day. Have some go-to hairstyles that are quick and easy. I wear a lot of braids and have a couple quick and easy go-to updo’s to get my hair off my neck and out of my face. If I need to refresh my hair between washes I spritz in a little dry shampoo. My favorite is the Suave dry shampoo.

3. Additional hair care. I use a detangling dry shampoo with a wet brush after I wash my hair and then I put in argan oil. I don’t think this is absolutely necessary but my hair feels softer whenever I use this. I use a Tangle Teezer and a No Tangle Brush to brush my hair every day, because I get through my hair faster and more easily without tugging.


4. Minimize heat. I rarely use heat on my hair. I let it air dry when I wash it so the only heat that I use is a curling iron and I do that sparingly. Whenever I do use heat I make sure to use a heat protectant. 
What hair care tips do you have?

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