In the Kitchen: Trying out Steel-Cut Oats

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drink mud? It never really crossed my mind until I decided to try my daily morning smoothie with half of a beet added. I really wish that I had a picture to share, but during the week I drink my smoothies while at my desk at work so I didn’t get one. It would have been hard to make the picture look good because it looked like a mason jar filled with mud and it tasted like dirt. In the end, I decided that I was happy to have tried something different, but I don’t feel the need to drink a mud smoothie again.

Speaking of trying something different, I decided that I’m going to give steel cut oats a try in 2014. In the past I haven’t been the biggest fan of that kind of thing, but I’ve been reading about them and thought I should give them a try. It helped that one of my favorite food bloggers put up a recipe for Cranberry Orange Steel Cut Oats.

I was busy this evening so I pulled out this recipe as it only takes about a half hour to make. Most of that is the time it takes to make the oats, so I was able to keep working while dinner was on the stove. I wasn’t sure if the oats were going to turn out as they appeared to have too much liquid all the way through the end of the cooking. Once they were done and they sat for a few minutes they took on more of the look that I expected the oats to have. Does anyone have tips for making steel cut oats?

This old citrus juicer is from my grandmother, I think, and it’s my absolute favorite citrus juicer. It’s so easy to use and there’s something about the oldness of it that I love. I used fresh squeezed orange juice since I rarely drink juice.

If you like cranberries, you’ll probably like the topping for the oats. They had a slight bitterness, but I liked it. I’m sure you could sweeten them a little more if you needed to.

Do you have any must-have steel cut oats recipes to try?

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