In Review // March 2015

When I was younger it always felt like months and years lasted forever. I remember always being so anxious for time to pass; anxious to grow up. And now, it would be nice if things would slow down a little bit! March felt really busy and I didn’t accomplish everything that I had hoped to, but I’m still happy with what took place. And April should be a slower month…it needs to be, at least. I have a big goal for the month! But more about that later. For now, it’s time to look back at March!


Slowly but surely I am still making my way through Criminal Minds and absolutely loving it. I did take a break to watch the last season of The Big Bang Theory so that I can also start watching the current season and clear it off of my DVR. And there’s a show on Netflix that I’m planning to tune into soon as well.


The beginning of the month was busy and I was reading a book that didn’t grab my attention, so reading was off to a slow start. I had a hard time finding the motivation to pick up a book after that, but Everybody Knows Your Name snapped me out of that! I loved it and have been eagerly finding books to read since that one.


The Simple Micellar Water. I don’t think of it as a make-up remover or a cleanser that I’d use every day, but when it’s late at night and I haven’t removed make-up and/or washed my face, I just use a make-up remover and follow up with this and I feel good to go!


I listened to The Last Five Years soundtrack for the first half of the month (yep! still obsessed), but then I decided that I also needed to get through some audiobooks. I listened to Me Before You by Jojo Moyes and I have mixed feelings on the book.


Spring cleaning. It feels so good to go through everything!


Hand-lettering! I’ve been practicing hand-lettering this month and it’s been so much fun.


I started using some of my old ballet workouts again and I love them so much! They’re a good way to switch up the Tracy Anderson workouts, while still doing something similar.


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