About a month ago I gave Snapchat recommendations to a few friends and as I sent them this list I realized I should give these recommendations to all of you as well. There are a lot of creatives on this list… in fact, I think they’re all either artists, bloggers and/or YouTubers. The people on this list inspire me to be creative every day, to “get shit done” and provide some much needed moments of entertainment throughout the day. I split this list up into artists (listed first, because I absolutely love their Snapchat paint sessions), and bloggers/YouTubers. I also have a section at the end for a few accounts that I love to watch, but since their stories tend to be longer, if I’m running short on time I often (regretfully) skip them… or just choose one.

(Also, if we’re not following each other on Snapchat yet, we should be! Come find me: dreamsetcblog.)

Inspiring Snapchat accounts to follow. // dreams-etc.com


1 // Paper Fashion (paperfashion) // Painting, travel // She, along with a friend’s nagging :), is the reason I joined Snapchat. I love her creative view of the world and her Snapchat painting sessions are inspiring.

2 // Mari Orr (mariorrart) // Painting, tennis // She also has a creative view of the world. I love that she gives her viewers a behind-the-scenes look at her creative pursuits (including her Snapchat painting sessions), and that she also talks about how she balances motherhood, art/business and daily activities–including one of her faves, tennis.

3 // Emily Jeffords (emily_jeffords) // Painting // Another painter who balances motherhood, her painting sessions in her beautiful studio, and traveling/family activities.

4 // Forrest Mankins (morrestfankins) // Travel, photography // He’s living the dream: traveling and taking photos. He also spends a lot of time in Glacier National Park, so if you love Glacier, you should probably follow him on Snapchat. (Although I haven’t seen him as much recently, so maybe he’s using Snapchat Stories more. Or maybe I just haven’t been on Snapchat as much.)


5 // Anna (theannaedit) // Blogging, healthy living // Workout recaps, the delicious and healthy recipes (along with the occasional greasy pizza) and blogging… I always enjoy her snaps!

6 // Carrie (carriewish) // Blogging, London, travel // Carrie travels a lot, but when she’s home you can venture out into London, mixed with behind-the-scenes blogging talk sometimes.

7 // Claire (heyclairehey) // Travel, cat // Claire travels quite a bit and has the cutest cat named Bruce who she features quite a bit when she’s home.

8 // Leigh Ann (leighannsays) // Daily life, dog // Leigh Ann takes you on her adventures each day and features her adorable pup Luna. (Fun fact: Luna was one of the names I considered for Little One before choosing Mina.)

9 // Chelsea (truelane.co) // Daily life, travel // Truelane, aka Chelsea, used to live in Minneapolis, so it was always fun to see my city in her snaps. She’s still so much fun to watch because she travels quite a bit, talks about blogging and is so funny!


Not Always Daily

10 // Andy Mineo (andymineo) // Music, daily life // I love Andy Mineo’s snaps, but they do get a little long sometimes so if I’m short on time I’ll skip his story. Still, he’s definitely worth following because you get a behind-the-scenes look at his music and sometimes he shares his thoughts on creativity. True story: there have been times that I’ve re-watched his story and taken notes.

11 // Dave Conrey (daveconrey) // Art, creative life, business // Dave Conrey encourages people to do the work and shares thoughts on a creative life and a creative business. He also has a mug that I’d love to drink coffee out of…especially during writing sessions.

12 // Paige Poppe (paigepoppe) // Art, daily life // Paige Poppe snaps throughout the day, which means her stories can get kind of long, but I love the behind-the-scenes look at her art business.

So tell me, what are your favorite Snapchat accounts to follow?

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