The Sunday Currently #9

It is windy today! I was getting ready to prepare lunch and Little One was sniffing around underneath the table to see if she could find any crumbs. Suddenly I heard a frantic scramble as Little One tried to get footing on the hardwood floors. She flew to glass doors (she does have Dumbo-esque ears, after all) and started barking outside. It took me awhile to realize she was barking at paper from a newspaper that blew into the yard and wrapped itself around some of the brush. And when she finally went out to get it, she went out with a vengeance, barking and hopping through the snow until she sank down into it. I don’t think she saw it as that much of a threat.

READING blogs and trying to decide which book to read next. Time to go through my list.
WRITING Wail and blog posts.
LISTENING to the wind.
THINKING about the little plant that my gave me. It’s not looking so good–she thinks its too cold right now.
SMELLING coffee. It’s a hot beverage kind of day.
WISHING that I had socks or slippers on, but at least I have Little One by my side to help keep me warm.
HOPING to finish out the month strong with word count.
WEARING yoga pants, a workout shirt and a sweatshirt.
LOVING Revenge. I am all caught up and now I have to wait until March to find out what happens next!
WANTING to get started on my February Directive.
NEEDING to clear out my DVR.
FEELING cold. That will be my answer for the next few days.
CLICKING through my Bloglovin’ feed and Amazon.


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