It's the Little Things #2

Little One spent the evening with her nose pressed up against the door looking into the backyard after seeing a cat sitting on a snowbank outside. We’re working on the barking, but I have to say that she is adorable when she sees another animal in her yard and gets protective.

I had to share another picture from her bath over the weekend. As you can see, she’s not too fond of the blow dryer either, but her long Cavalier fur calls for it. The fact that Little One can go from glaring at me because I’ve just given her a bath to snuggling up by me is so cute and so sweet. She even put a smile on my face when she ran to the rug that people step on when they walk into the house and rolled around on it. I guess dirt and slush smells good to a dog?

Mermaid power lunches with my good friend always make the day extra special. This week we had our first lunch since her wedding and it was wonderful to see her. Not only did we have a great chat, but we made plans that I am super excited about. More to come later.
It’s been a little on the warmer side this week. Maybe spring is finally approaching?

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