Our first snowstorm hit last week and, as always, Minnesota had to figure out how to drive again. Little One had her first roll of the year in the fluffy, fresh snow. The perks of winter came to mind this weekend on Sunday. I met Kayla for brunch and when I walked into the restaurant we planned to meet at I was hit with the warm air and the scent of waffles as soon as I walked in the door. That’s always the best feeling! And when I came back home I was able to warm up my hands giving tummy rubs to my sweet Little One. These months just seem so cozy. As long as you don’t have to be out in a lot of bad weather!

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This has been a month! There’s been something on my mind that I’ve been processing. It’s one of the reasons I am behind a NaNo this year, as it has overwhelmed my thoughts. It’s also caused a lot of stress, but I think I’m at a good place in my processing right now. The timing is perfect, because we have a long weekend for Thanksgiving and I should have plenty of time to work on my writing!

Even though I’m not as far along in NaNoWriMo as I would like to be, I don’t feel bad about it at all because I have still written more than I have in previous months and it feels so good! 

Outside of thinking and working, I have been attending a lot of writing classes recently. Some of you have asked which classes I’ve been attending when I’ve talked about it on the blog. The first class I attended was on Silencing Your Inner Critic. I didn’t really know what the class would be like, but we walked through a bunch of exercises to help manage that nagging voice of our inner critic, and it was so helpful! This led me to work on creating a writing routine, which I’ll talk more about next week. The next one was a class about writing an engaging narrative and I found this to be so helpful too. It’s definitely something I’ll keep going back to, especially during those periods when I feel like my writing is a bit dull. I’m also excited to continue reading the book we used in class. And the last class that I took in this recent stretch was about writing descriptive narrative. This can often be one of my weak points in writing. I can visualize things so well, but I don’t always record it as well as I could. This was probably the most helpful class for me right now, not because of the content of the class (which was awesome, but they were all amazing), but because we shared our writing prompts. I’m usually not one to share the really rough, release of thoughts related to a writing prompt that I didn’t have much time to think through because… well, that’s obviously not someone’s best, most polished piece of writing. But, we all shared and it was fun to see what others came up with in their prompts, so of course I shared some of mine as well. The feedback from the teacher was so encouraging–she loved what everyone had written. And toward the end of class one of the other students said she wanted to jot down some of the lines that I had written. I think that kind of feedback was exactly what I needed after a few months of questioning my talents and my abilities. 

So, that was November!

How has life been for you?

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