An update on life. //

Happy Monday!

I thought I’d come back to the blog today with a quick post to get caught up.

The blogging break that I took recently was so helpful! May was a busy month and I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed and sleep deprived. When I gave myself permission to take time off from blogging I definitely felt a little more relaxed. And able to do things like sleep.  And sit and pet my puppy. Which was nice.

If you follow me on Snapchat (and I’ve mentioned it on Instagram a few times) you may have seen that I just spent a week in Colombia! I have relatives who are living in Bogota right now, so I finally made it there to see them. I had a lot of fun exploring the city and also made it out of Bogota for a couple of quick excursions. Bogota captured my heart pretty quickly and I was really sad to leave. But as I always say, home is where the puppy is, so Little One made my return home totally worth it. I will definitely have some posts about what I did while I was in Colombia coming soon. I just need to sort through photos that I took while I was there. That’s one of my big tasks for this week.

And I am definitely planning on returning to Colombia soon. There are a few more things I’d like to do in or around Bogota and I’d like to get out of the city to see a couple areas of Colombia. I’m actually looking at going back soon, like sometime within the next year.

I finished up a couple of books that I’ve been reading for awhile when I was on vacation and I realized that I haven’t shared any reviews of books that I haven’t been part of a book tour for yet this year. I need to start sharing some of these books soon, because I’ve read some fun ones that I’m looking forward to sharing with all of you.

How have you been? What’s been happening in your life?

ps – my thoughts on May and a review of a fantastic psychological thriller that made me want to head to England when I left Colombia instead of returning home to Minnesota.