Little One's Adventures: Never Give Up

Hello everyone. What’s shakin’?

Little One here on the blog today and it’s really me this time, not my BFF-who-doesn’t-know-it-yet. I wanted to stop by the blog today to share a message with all of the other dogs out there: never give up. 
You see, the other day my writer decided she wanted to bake. She hasn’t really done that for awhile. I don’t know why, she used to do it all the time. At night. When I wanted to be in bed and stared at her with my sad puppy eyes, which she is really good at ignoring even of she says isn’t. (Don’t believe her.)
Anyway, she decided to bake, so of course I took my usual place right in the middle of all the action where a berry might just fall off the counter and land conveniently in front of me.

Except nothing fell and she told me move out of the way when she put the batter into the pan. And then she told me to move out of the way when she washed the dishes. And then she told me to move out of the way when she pulled the pan out of the oven. And you know what? There is only so much rejection a little pup can take! So after waiting for something to drop and not seeing anything, and after being told move, move, move, I moved. I sat down by the table and watched her continue to not drop anything. 
That’s what I expected, anyway, but you know what? She did! I watched as two muffins fell to the floor.

I jumped up to run over and grab the muffins but my paws have a lot of fur and I was on a hardwood floor so I slipped and slid for a minute until I finally found purchase and was able to make it to her. But by then she had picked them up. I looked and looked, but there was nothing left on the floor. And then, just to be sure, I looked some more. 
I looked at her. Mournfully, of course. And you know who she said? 
She said, “It’s for the best. These have chocolate chips and they’re bad for you.”
Can you believe it? Like that’s any consolation! Besides, I’ve heard all about this thing called chocolate but I’ve never had any. Apparently it’s bad for me, but humans say it’s really good. 
Anyway, to all you wonderful canines out there, learn from my story. Never give up! You don’t know when the impossible might become possible and muffins will fall off the counter and land right where you were sitting moments earlier. 
Until next time, keep those tails waggin’!
Little One

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