Little One’s Adventures // A Quick Morning Trip

Hello, everyone! Little One’s on the blog today. What’s shakin’?

My writer and I visited her brother for a morning this weekend. He lives outside of the city, where it is peaceful and quiet. It’s the perfect place for a pup to frolic and run around outside, right?


Little One talks about her weekend trip to the country. //

It was raining so my writer said the weather wasn’t conducive to roaming the outdoors. She said my fur would soak up all the water on the ground. It’s like she thinks that just because the grass is no longer covered with dew in the morning in the path that I walked through that I had something to do with it. I have one word for her. Coincidence. (Who cares if my fur is suddenly wet?)

And then there was the “dirt” and the “mud” that would cling to my paws. Does she think my paws are actually clean? I walk around outside on the grass and dirt everyday. My paws are only clean from the moment she tortures me with a bath to my first step outside after. What was a little extra dirt going to do to me? And mud…I like mud.

So, there it is. Even though we could have spent time outside, we didn’t.

And you wanna hear the worst part? Other people were in and out all morning, but even though that door kept opening, no one tried to sneak me out.

I know! How rude!

Oh well. Maybe I’ll have better luck next time.

How was your weekend?

Until next time, my friends, keep those tails waggin’!

Little One

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    November 23, 2015 at 4:00 am

    Aww, Little One. Those humans are just so mean, aren’t they? 😉

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