Little One’s Adventures // Christmas Party

Hello, everyone! Little One on the blog today. What’s shakin’?

This weekend my writer had some people over. And they aren’t just any people! They’re the people that she abandons me for every day to go hang out with at some place called work. I know, as if it isn’t rude enough that she abandons me every day, she decides bring them into my house and hang out with them here too! During our writer/puppy time.

And I was getting so excited too! I got a bath (boo!) and tummy rubs (of course!) and then she took me outside, so I was certain with all of the attention, that we were going on a trip. Car ride!

So I tried to get into the car after… well, I don’t need to talk about what happens outside.

Only, my writer wouldn’t open the door! She walked me back to the house and I started to get a little nervous. After all, I had gone through the torture of a bath. It was only fair that I go along, instead of being left home again. So I planted myself by the door so that she’d have to get through me if she wanted to leave. Would you want to mess with this?

Except, she didn’t try to leave. She sat down and I got more tummy rubs and I thought… well, I’d like to say that I was suspicious, but I’ll be honest. If someone’s giving me tummy rubs, I don’t really have many thoughts.

Then,  people started to come. My house was flooded with the people that she hangs out with all day instead of me. It wasn’t quite as bad as I thought it would be. Some of them gave me food and I almost nabbed a cookie from the tray, until someone called my writer over and she covered the cookies. She wouldn’t even let me have the cookie that I licked! There was one bright spot though…

I was a hit!

Obviously, people loved me. I even have a pictures of people looking at me, but my writer won’t let me post them, because there are “other people in the pictures.” My writer takes away all of the fun!

Instead, here’s the final picture that my writer took of me after everyone left.

How was your weekend?

Until next time, friends, keep those tails waggin’!

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