Little One’s Adventures: My New Home // Dogiversary Week

Hello, everyone! What’s shakin’? Little One on the blog today.

My writer told me that I could have a day on the blog to have my say during Dogiversary Week, to which I thought, “Of course!” I mean, this week is all about me! Why wouldn’t I have a chance to write here (especially since she’s been depriving me lately). I know, I know, she says that this week is to celebrate the two of us becoming canine and human besties, but that’s just code for celebrating the day that I walked through her doorway and brightened up her life in the way that only a dog can.

Can I let you in a little secret?

I know that I said I walked into the house the day that I came to my new home, but the truth is, my writer had to carry me. You see, I was so nervous that I wouldn’t move when she tried to walk me in, so instead she picked me up and carried me. Once we were in she set me down by the door. She said that she had read that dogs should be introduced to their new digs by walking in from the doorway, so she set me down and waited with me while I shook by the door, until I decided I was ready to butt-scoot away from it. It was nerve-wracking, but eventually I found a comfy couch to sit on for a few minutes, and it’s become one of my favorite places ever since.

Then my writer decided to ignore me. I know! How rude! She ripped me away from my home and brought me to a new, strange place and then she ignored me. She said that she read about it, so she did it and while she was ignoring me I worked up the courage to explore my surroundings a bit more. So I guess the advice was good?

My first few days in my new home were a little scary. I explored bit by bit to take in the new sights and scents. Going outside was a completely different story! There were so many different things to hear and smell and see that I sat shaking between her feet when she took me outside. True story.

I was also afraid to go down the steps. My first house had smaller staircases, so I was a little afraid to take such a big staircase on my own. My writer came up with a way to get me used to the staircase and in no time I was flying down on my own.

We were probably a good pair. As nervous as I was, I think she was also pretty nervous. And we got through it together. You know, like best pals. Because that’s what we are. Best pals.

Woah! That got a little personal. Ahem… I should probably wrap this up before I start to share more of my feels.

Until next time, friends, keep those tails waggin’!

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