Little One’s Adventures // A Near Dog Napping

Hello, everyone! Little One on the blog today. What’s shakin’?

What’s shakin’ was my legs and my tail over the weekend. Can I tell you about something that almost happened? I was almost dog-napped!

I know, I know. This is everyone’s worst nightmare; something that you think only happens in movies, but it almost happened to me in real life!

My writer and I went to visit family for dinner. Well, she ate dinner and I sat under the table begging for food, so obviously it wasn’t the best night for me from the start.

But it was still pretty cool to go out with my writer. I love when she visits family in their home because she takes me with her. If not, she leaves me home. Alone. To sit in my crate all by myself until she finally reappears.

So I went with her to dinner this weekend and there were children who loved me. Of course. I’m adorable and sweet; what’s not to love?

And they usually use their hands for their intended purpose of giving me endless tummy rubs, so when they asked me to follow them to their room I thought, why not? We can lay down on a comfy bed for tummy rubs!

Only, when I got into the room, they clamped their arms around me and held me in place. I was stuck! And, to make matters worse, I realized my writer was putting on her shoes and getting ready to leave.

I was a little worried! She wouldn’t leave without me, right?

I started to wonder if she would. But then… she was calling my name! And I felt hope that she was planning to look for me.

And she did! She burst through the door and laughed when she saw me. She freed me from the arms of the child and scooped me up to carry me to the door.

I was free!


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    Loyal RUN
    March 26, 2015 at 7:22 pm

    That was intense. Glad you were freed from the hands of the children.

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