Little One’s Adventures: Snow Day!

Hey, everyone! What’s shakin’? Little One, here!
There’s something that you may not know about my writer. She
probably tried to hide it from you, but I’m going to fill you in. She’s a
little bit of a control freak.
You don’t believe me? Just spend a day in my house. “Get off
the table, puppy!” “Don’t chew on that book.” “Little One, don’t bark at that
squirrel/fox/dog/child!” I mean, seriously. What gives? You know you’d bark at
those pesky buggers too. And as far as the animals go… I’m in full support of
the animal kingdom… as long it stays off of my property. And the properties
next to mine.
Where was I going with this? Oh, yeah. My writer is a
control freak, but she has finally
let go of the leash a little on this blog. And it couldn’t have happened at a
better time! (Well, really it could have happened much sooner but I’ll give her
this one.)
Something glorious has happened!

It snowed! Look at how beautiful it is! It’s sparkly and a little on
the cool side.

Don’t you just want to bury your head in it and roll around?

Welcome back, snow. I’ve missed you!
Keep That Tail Waggin’,
Little One

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