Little One’s Adventures // Tiny Human – Part Two

Hello, everyone! Little One on the blog today! What’s shakin’?

Remember the last time I talked to you? The tiny human that visited a year earlier returned? The tiny human that I decided I should dedicate my attention to? I checked on him as he slept, followed up whenever he cried and made sure that the floor stayed clean while he ate. No one asked me to take him under my wing, but it’s the decent thing to do, right? Take tiny humans (or pups) under your wing to make sure that they’re properly cared for. They seem so sweet and innocent, after all. But I’m here to tell you that the tiny human…

Is a thief!

I know! It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? He’s so cute and, like I said, he seems so sweet and innocent. But it’s true! He’s a thief. What did he steal, you ask?

My attention.

I know! I open up my home and lavish him with attention and he steals mine!

That’s not to say I didn’t get any attention. The humans in my life gave me food and took me outside and pet me. But, the problem is that they’re already lacking in the amount of attention they give me. Is it too much to ask to receive tummy rubs 24/7? I think not! And yet, they don’t give me tummy rubs that much.

So then the tiny human came and sometimes they gave him attention instead of me!

Obviously I upped my attention-seeking game, but when the puppy-eyes-from-across-the-room move didn’t work, I pulled out all the stops and came a little closer.

I got a few extra pats for it, but not the endless tummy rubs I was dreaming of.

Now the tiny human is gone and I’m back to the usual number of tummy rubs that I’m used to. Any tips for getting the humans to take it up a notch and give the tummy rubs all day every day that I desire and deserve?

And do you have any tips on how to stop missing the tiny human? You know… because of the food he dropped?

Until next time, friends, keep those tails waggin’!

Little One

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