Little Things // June 2019

Happy July! A new month means a new little things post, where we reflect on the little things we were grateful for each month. I like to take photos of all the little things, so I basically go through my phone and see what’s there. I actually took some breaks from my phone this month, so I don’t have a lot of photos to share. (That being said, I still have quite a few to get through… just not as many as usual.)


As always, taking photos of light and shadows. I actually got another one later in the month, but I took that with my DSLR and… these are phone photos/I’m too lazy to plug everything in so that I can get one photo off my camera right now.

I wonder how many photos I have of Little One on a chair.

I started using a few new eyeshadow palettes and I absolutely love them.

It was raining the evening I took this so I sat for awhile to listen to the rain. It was wonderful.

I met up with a friend to catch up and have a writing session.

And then I met up with a few other friends for a night of grilling.

Visited my brother and learned how to drive the Gator through his yard.

I took this on Snap when I realized that I had a pile of stuff on poor Mina’s dog bed. But then… she really liked it and just hangs out there all the time now. 😂

Checking in on the plants that I tend to daily because they need humidity.

My sister rented a cabin, so I visited for the weekend and it was absolutely beautiful. It was nice to get away and relax for awhile. I also read one of my favorite books while I was there: After Dark, by Haruki Murakami.

Miss Mina was in guard dog mode and she spent the night barking at a buck who didn’t appear to be the least bit concerned about her.

And she came to the office with me one day.

One evening I went to a tea shop and spent the evening planning out an upcoming trip to New York. (If you aren’t following me yet on Insta, now would be the time to see everything in real-time.)

The planning session was followed by a summer solstice party at my friend’s art studio. I met her dog, who was absolutely adorable and actually let me hold her for quite a while, even though she usually had to be in my friend’s arms.

The next day I had to go back to the tea shop to try this blue raspberry iced tea, which was delicious. I took my dad along and bought him some tea, too, but… this wasn’t what he was looking for when he tried a sip of mine. 😂 So he got a different iced tea.

A few days ago I went to a friend’s for a fire and s’mores. We thought we’d be rained out, but the rain and clouds cleared in time!

Over the weekend I was at my brother’s and got to meet his neighbor’s alpacas. They are adorable!

Mina came along and we went for a boat ride and Mina’s first Gator ride.

And that was it for June. Again, I’d love to hear what you were grateful for this month!

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