Little Things // May 2019

Hello, friends! Happy June! I know this is the constant refrain we hear as each month passes, but… I can’t believe we’re already in June. May was a busy month. I didn’t really sit still, until the end when I came down with a cold and thought I might die. (I mean… I knew I probably wouldn’t, but colds… they can take it all out of you.) As always, at the start of a new month I like to reflect on the previous month, including the little things that get us through each day. I’d also love to hear what YOUR little things are, so let me know. 🙂

My weeks were basically filled with lots of work because I didn’t actually spend a weekend at home. So all of these photos are from weekends. The month started with a visit to my hometown in Wisconsin. I left a day early to spend the night at my brother’s.

Highlights included:
>> Checking out the start of the new garden
>> Driving through the woods
>> Wine in front of the fire
>> Coffee with my fave view

The next day I went to my hometown to stay with my friend, who’s like a sister to me. The first night we went to a fish fry and then went to see Charlie Berens. His show was hilarious and we had a blast.

The rest of the trip was, of course, hanging out with my horses. And Miss Sophie. (And a rodeo committee meeting, which was actually a lot of fun to sit in on to see that behind-the-scenes that goes into planning.)

We also went for a walk in the woods and got lost/almost died. She says I’m being a little dramatic when I say we almost died… you can judge for yourself. 😉

But we had to call her husband to come find us, and he brought the shepherd dog to help.

So we stayed close to the animals for the rest of the weekend.

The weekend also included s’mores and this play of light and shadows on the wall.

ALSO, it included Bohemian Rhapsody and I’m not kidding when I say I’ve pretty much had Queen on repeat all month ever since. I also spent the month watching their live performances (including Live Aid multiple times). This wasn’t my first exposure to Queen, of course. I love Queen and have always appreciated Freddie Mercury, but I’ve been listening to them non-stop since I watched the movie.

The following weekend my mom and I went to Duluth to attend a friend’s wedding and for a little Mother’s Day/birthday getaway. I’ll talk more about what we actually did while we were in Duluth soon-ish, but highlights were definitely:
>> A train ride
>> Brunch at JJ Astor
>> The beautiful wedding 💙
>> And hanging out by Lake Superior

That week my parents took me out for a very nice dinner to celebrate my birthday and my family came over one night for dinner.

And then it was off to Milwaukee for a weekend with Little One in tow. Here she is thinking we ordered food for her, but as soon as my dad came back she had to give up the chair. And the food.

It was really cool to hang out by Lake Michigan all weekend, because our view of the lake changed throughout each day. Sometimes we had a beautiful, clear view and sometimes we had a beautiful, foggy view where the lake nearly disappeared.

I was a little worried that my cousin’s dogs might not appreciate my tiny little dog in their midst. She was definitely the center of attention for awhile and then I discovered my fears were … not needed.

Chip definitely took a liking to Mina. If Mina walked through a room, Chip was close behind. He’d check in on her when he woke up in the morning (or try to, since he woke up before me and she was in my room) and when he’d come inside after going out. He even tried to follow her out the door, but my cousin stopped him. 😂

And then my sister and her husband went out of town, so I went over to hang out with my niece, nephew, and Tino just in time to stay up super late to help my niece with her Spanish homework. (Followed by a second attempt later over the weekend.)

I also snuck away during the day on Friday to grab coffee (and a crepe) with a friend, as well as a stop at my favorite plant shop.

On Memorial Day I was back home, so I had lunch with a few friends and we repotted my friend’s aloe. She gave me part of it (the third biggest). And we had a lot of fun!

This is also the day the plague hit and I spent the rest of the week getting as much work done as I could, while also trying to get a lot of rest. Here’s hoping the cough goes away soon! 🤞🏼

Like I said earlier, I’d love to hear about your month!

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