I swear, one of these days I will post something that isn’t dog-related, but first I’d like to introduce all of you to a little cutie.  Meet Louis! This adorable little 3.3 pound pup with ears as big as his arms belongs to my friend Mary.

Our friend Lisa was in town so Lisa, Mary and Louis came over one night so that we could all hang out. Poor Lisa visited during spring but Minnesota wasn’t very nice to her; it was cold and snowy most of the time that she was here. 
Look at how cute and little he is! He is four months old and so tiny that he can’t even walk up the stairs on his own yet. He appeared to be a little afraid of Little One and she didn’t really know what to make of the tiny puppy. But by the end of the night they were playing for short periods of time. I’m sure after spending some more time together they’ll be the best of friends. They have to be. Their owners are.
At one point we wondered if Little One’s older dog instincts were coming out. We were sitting on the floor and she was with us, but Louis was sitting on the couch. He obviously wanted to come and join us but couldn’t jump down. After awhile Little One started jumping up and jumping back down, like she was trying to show him how to do it. It was pretty cute. For some reason I don’t have any pictures of the two of them together.
Oh, yeah, that’s why. Most of my pictures of him look like this. He was all over the place when he wasn’t curled up in Mary’s lap.
Looking at these pictures makes me want to see him. Little One and I will have to go visit him soon!

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