Love List (for my current WIP)

Last August I wrote a love list about the WIP (work in progress) that I was working on at the time. As I worked on it, I found myself going back to that list when writing was tough to remember a few things that I loved about my novel. I’ve been thinking about that list lately because life has been a little busy recently so I’m tired and as a result, my writing is suffering.
(The idea of writing a love list is not mine. I wrote the post last year as part of Road Trip Wednesday with YA Highway, which was inspired by Stephanie Perkins’ post on Natalie Whipple’s blog.)
I decided that I needed to write a love list for my current WIP and then I decided to share it with all of you again.
1. New love.
2. Heartbreak.
3. Dance.
4. Big city.
5. College life.
6. New possibilities.
7. Salsa dancing.
8. Christmas.
9. Small town.
10. Cha cha.
11. Jealousy.
12. Self love.
13. Himalayan cats.
14. Moonlight.
15. Bridges.

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