Manicure Night

My best friend does nails and is always willing to have me come over to her house so that she can do mine. Whenever we make plans, however, something always comes up. Tonight I was finally able to stop by her house to get a manicure. She used a gel polish, so the manicure is supposed to last longer than a normal one. Basically, she painted my nails and covered it with this gel and then put my hands under a UV light. And…

I found my camera cord, so I finally have pictures to share!

Tools and pomegranate ginger ale.

The process (without the UV light; she was working on one hand while the other was under the light so I couldn’t get a picture).


We had a little snack of longan fruits before we went out for dinner with her family to a Chinese restaurant. It’s right next door to the Tea Gardens, so Mary and I ran in for some drinks and I got a vanilla chai bubble tea. That was a bright idea; get some caffeine at night when I have to be at work early the next morning! It sure was tasty, though!

I think I’ll use some of my late night energy to start editing some more photos to share with everyone next week!

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