Minnehaha Falls

I usually go to Minnehaha Falls once each summer. I love the falls and am always inspired by hiking through nature and seeing the power of the water. I’ve always wanted to go to the falls after a period of heavy rain, and the beginning of last week was filled with just that! I suggested a trip out to Minnehaha Falls on my weekday off so my dad and I took my niece and nephew and went out. The weather was perfect that day and my dad and I had a blast too! We hiked all the way from the falls to the Mississippi River and back, which is a walk of a few miles. My niece and nephew were tired by the end but they pushed through and kept walking. I was so proud of them! And they enjoyed the trip. (Other than the walking, of course!)

A wading area.

The tree root path.

Minnehaha and Hiawatha. For some reason I thought we could get closer, otherwise I would have taken my bigger lens. After the waterfall, this is my favorite part of the park.

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