Movie Review: Veronica Mars

This will probably be more of a rambling post than an organized review, but I had a chance to watch the Veronica Mars movie before I went on vacation, so here my thoughts. There are no spoilers, but I briefly discuss (without giving away specific details) part of the ending of the TV show series.

I am one of those fans who watched Veronica Mars as it aired and was unsatisfied when it ended. I had a hard time putting my finger on exactly what it was that bothered me so much about not being able to see a resolution to the storylines that hadn’t ended. Annoying as it is when that happens, it usually doesn’t bother me for as long as it did with this show. It wasn’t until my friend Tara talked about it one day (a long time ago) that I figured it out. She said that she was so disappointed that Keith and Veronica were at odds and we didn’t have a resolution to that. Exactly! I loved the father/daughter dynamic between Keith and Veronica. I loved that we were able to see a father and daughter who were close, who fought and had issues at times, but who always worked through them. So it was hard to see a show that I loved end with two of my favorite characters at odds.

When the movie started and Keith was so excited to see Veronica when she stopped by the office I smiled and relaxed. All was right in Veronica Mars land. The movie could have ended there for me. Of course, I was glad that it didn’t. 
I was also happy to see Piz. I loved the character throughout season three and I’m a fan of Chris Lowell, as an actor and a photographer, so I was hoping Piz would be in the movie. I wasn’t expecting it, though, so I was so happy when I heard that he’d make an appearance. 

I loved seeing Kristen Bell in this role again; she plays it so well! Everyone was amazing and I thought that a class reunion was the perfect way to bring everyone back together again because it really felt like a reunion for this fan.

I thought that the movie would also be enjoyable for people who haven’t watched the show. I think they did a great job of giving enough of the history and just showing off the character personalities and the relationships between the different characters to make it accessible for those who aren’t familiar with the show. I also hope that the movie inspired people to look for the show if they haven’t watched it yet, even though the movie did give some spoilers to major plot points throughout the series. It’s still good, even if you know what happens!

Most importantly, the storyline did not disappoint. I was drawn into the mystery and was a little shocked by the ending. I loved that fans got the resolution that we’ve been waiting for, but that the ending was left open with the possibility for more.

Speaking of more, if you’re a fan of Veronica Mars, are you planning to read the book? I will be listening to the audiobook, because Kristen Bell narrates it.

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