Movie Roundup // 06

Hello, everyone! I’m back with another post on movies that I have watched recently. I watched all of these over the weekend, so they’re all fresh in my mind and I’m excited to talk about them!


While recovering from an injury, Jack Ryan is recruited to the CIA and, years later, travels to Russia to investigate the financial transactions of a company. My friend and I watched this on Valentine’s Day, because we thought a rom-com would be too cliche and I enjoyed this film much more than I thought I would. I loved Jack Ryan, but his fiance Cathy drove me crazy, especially at the beginning. Some of the action sequences had me holding my breath and had me at the edge of my seat. I felt like this was heavy on the action and light on plot, but I really enjoyed the story. And Chris Pine is in it, so that’s a plus! This was a lot of fun and a great movie to whisk you away for a couple of hours!


A musical that chronicles the five-year relationship of budding novelist Jamie and struggling actress Cathy. They each tell their story in a different order, with Cathy telling their story from the end to the beginning and Jamie telling their story from beginning to end. I really liked that each character told their story in a different order because I really enjoyed Jamie and Cathy individually and as a couple at the beginning of their relationship, but not so much at the end, so I was able to watch that time period that I really enjoyed all the way through the movie. Other than that, I don’t know how I feel about this movie. I feel like I need to watch it again in order to fully process it. I appreciated the movie, but I can’t say that I really enjoyed it because it was hard to watch at times to see what they went through. This is a musical, so it’s all in song. If you don’t like that kind of storytelling, you might not want to watch this, but if you enjoy musicals, this is definitely one to look into. I loved the music so much that as soon as I finished it I bought the soundtrack. I bought the original soundtrack with Sherie Rene Scott and Norbert Leo Butz, because I love them, but I can see myself buying the movie soundtrack at some point too, because I also love Jeremy Jordan.


Based on the novel by Gayle Forman, a teen must choose between life and death when she’s comatose after she and her family are in a car accident. I loved this book, so I was excited but also a little nervous when I heard it would be a movie. I wasn’t quite sure how they would make a movie out of the book, but I thought they did a fantastic job. It’s been a few years since I read the book, so I can’t say how true it stayed to the novel, but everything that I remember about the book made it into the movie. I loved watching this story, because I was able to connect to some of the characters differently. I felt a distance from Mia’s parents in the book, but in the movie I
really felt like I had a chance to get to know them and grow to care
about them. Of course, that could also be the spin put on it by the filmmakers, and while I didn’t have a problem with any of this in the novel, it was nice to see the story in a different way. I also thought the filmmakers did a great job of jumping back and forth between the past and present. I really enjoyed this and will definitely watch it again. (It’ll probably be sooner rather than later because I watched this pretty late at night and I think I fell asleep for a ten to fifteen minute stretch so I don’t remember an important event in the story.) I’d love it if they made a movie out of Where She Went as well, because that was my favorite of the two novels.


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