Movie Roundup // 10

A friend came over to watch the last movie on this list so I thought it was time to go through soem of the movies I’ve watched recently.


Vampire couple Adam and Eve reunite when Eve realizes that Adam is depressed over the state of the human world.

If you’re wondering what happens in this movie after reading the synopsis… that’s a very good question. The movie has a good cast, the cover looked campy and I was intrigued by the premise of a depressed vampire. This was the slowest moving movie, though! I usually don’t mind slow moving films but this one was a little too long for me; I fell asleep a few times while watching it. I tuned out of it enough that I didn’t realize the characters were named Adam and Eve until now and that’s something that would capture my attention.


During the Great Depression, the FBI tries to capture John Dillinger.

I’ve been meaning to watch this for awhile. I love stories that take place in that time period and this one has a fantastic cast, but I thought the level of violence would be a little much. My friend and I watched this while we were in Eagle River and I loved it! Yes, there was a lot of violence, but I still really enjoyed the film. The cast was fantastic and I hadn’t heard much of John Dillinger’s story, so it was interesting to watch the movie play out. Once it did, I looked him up on Wikipedia to see how it all matched up.


Caleb travels to his bosses compound to find that he’s been selected to evaluate Ava–a robot that his boss created.

This was a fun movie to watch with a friend. We didn’t talk a lot (we’re not the type to talk through a movie), but we shared a few theories as we watched the film. I had a couple of ideas about where the movie might go. Even though we had our ideas, it kept us guessing until the end to see what would actually happen, This is one that I wouldn’t watch again and again, but I’m glad I watched it once.


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