My Books Have Traveled

Just recently I talked about how wonderful ereaders are for traveling. You can carry so many books on one little device that doesn’t take up any space. And I still believe that… but then I pulled a book off the shelf and started thinking about where my books have traveled.

The book I grabbed is I Never Promised You a Rose Garden and this weather-beaten novel traveled with me to Austria. I started to read it on the train from Vienna to Salzburg, but had to put it down due to a terrible bout of motion sickness. The book traveled around Salzburg with me. I carry a book wherever I go–and did back then as well! I got stuck in the rain a couple of times with this book in a bag that didn’t protect the contents from the elements when the rain started to pour.

The Girl in the Mirror traveled to Senegal with me. I read this while trying to get comfy on an uncomfortable love-seat that was in the apartment I lived in while I was there. I took a bunch of books with me to Senegal, but I ended up going to the library a lot, so this was the only one that I read.

When I pull these books off my shelves I remember the places they traveled with me. As much as I love my ereader, it’s not quite the same.


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