My New Go-To Lip Products

I have a little makeup bag inside my purse with lip products. I use it to keep track of whatever lip color I’m wearing. Products go in and I forget to take them out until it’s bursting. You’d think I’d take one out each time I put a new one in, but that never crosses my mind.

I also like to keep a couple of go-to products on hand in case I’m out and about and have the sudden urge to put something on. Usually my go-to’s are “my lips but better” lipsticks, but lately the Color Elixirs by Maybelline and the Colour Riche Extraordinaire’s by Loreal have been taking up space in my purse. They both come in a range of shades, so you can choose a more natural look or go bold. They’re easy to put on and feel moisturizing on the lips. The Colour Riche Extraordinaire feels heavier and is a little bit pricier, so the Color Elixir is my favorite of the two, but I absolutely love the names that Loreal came up with. If you’re looking for a new lip product, either of these would be worth looking at!

Have you tried either of these products? What’s your favorite lip product right now?

Note: I purchased all of the products listed in this post.

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