My Visit to the ISO Float Center

While in Montana, my friend and I decided to try out the ISO Float Center. I had been planning to talk about the experience on the blog, but the picture that I posted of the pod received so much attention on Twitter and Instagram that I knew I’d be writing about it right away!


At the ISO Float Center, you float in a pod filled with ten inches of highly-concentrated salt water for an hour. (You can also choose to float for an hour and a half or two hours.) You can hook up your phone to speakers to listen to music as you float and you can choose to float with lights or in the dark. If you have lights, you can choose a color or you can have rotating colors.

Floating is supposed to help with many different things. A few of the benefits include: easing muscle pain; helping with insomnia; easing stress, depression and anxiety; and boosting creativity.

You can close the lid of the pod or keep it open, but it’s highly recommended that you close it unless you’re extremely claustrophobic due to the temperature difference between the water and the air. It’s also recommended to float nude, but you can wear a swimsuit if you’d like. (I did!)

There’s a button in the pod that connects you to the office if you need assistance. Between floats the water cycles through a cleansing system three times.

You start by taking a pre-float shower, then climb into the pod where you float your period of time. If you’re floating in the dark, the lights will turn on at the end of your float, and if you have the lights on, a jet similar to those in jacuzzi tubs starts to create bubbles. At the end of your float you take a post-float shower.


My friend and I each signed up for the introduction bundle, so we had two hour-long sessions for $65. (The usual price for an hour float is $45.) After we made our first appointment we received an email with an introductory video to watch. When we arrived at the float center, we were given a tour of the facility and allowed to see the pod room.

We were told that the first float can be uncomfortable, because it’s really all about getting used to floating. I found this to be true. I floated without music the first time, which probably wasn’t the best option. My mind is always running and music helps me to focus my thoughts on one thing. I also need an indication of what time it is, otherwise I get antsy, and I was constantly worried that somehow I had missed the signal that my float was over. I prayed for a while and then started to get antsy as I waited for my float to come to an end. It also took a long time to relax. I had to constantly remind myself to let go of the tension in my body. I felt great after the float, though, so I was happy that we had signed up for two sessions to see if I would be more comfortable the second time.

I totally was! I listened to music during my second float and that made it so much easier! I was able to focus my thoughts and that helped me relax. I also chose a playlist that was a little over an hour long, so that I knew that if I reached the end of the music, I had missed the signal and my float was over. (It’s hard to miss once the jet starts, though. It’s not nearly as powerful as in a jacuzzi, but enough so that you know your time is up.) Even with music, an hour started to feel a little long, so I don’t think I’d ever want to float for over an hour.

The ISO Float Center was the second thing on our to-do list while in Whitefish (the first being Glacier National Park) and from the start I didn’t think I’d float with the lid of the pod down, but the pod is actually bigger than I thought it would be. I started with the lid up but after a couple of minutes I closed it. I think it definitely enhanced the experience of the float to block out the rest of the room. Overall, I really enjoyed the experience and would definitely visit the ISO Float Center again if I lived in Whitefish.

I sent a picture of the pod to a friend after my first float and she said it was very spacey. One of the owners of the hostel that we stayed at said that she’s heard it’s like being in space. And it totally is!


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    Linds F.
    April 9, 2015 at 12:22 pm

    Great to read about your experience. I've been curious myself. And you got a really reasonably priced deal, too. That seems ether cheap for two one hour sessions. 🙂

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