Old Faves // Dance With Me

Awhile ago I watched and wrote about my favorite movie, Undercover Blues, and at that time I thought it would be fun to do that more often, so keep an eye out for posts like these in the future.

Over the weekend I watched one of my favorite dance movies, Dance With Me, which stars Chayanne and Vanessa Williams. Rafael moves from Cuba to America after his mother dies to work as a handyman at a dance studio for a man she once knew on a cruise ship. At the studio he meets Ruby, a dance teacher and professional Latin ballroom dancer who is trying to make a comeback in her career.

I love dance movies and usually watch and love every single one, but a dance movie is a dance movie. While I usually like the plots, they are somewhat predictable. That being said, I really enjoy the storyline in this movie. It’s very sweet and I love all of the characters. I also liked that this isn’t a “dance school” movie and that the characters are a little older than you usually see in dance movies.

Now let’s talk about the good stuff: the music and dancing! I love the music. I used to listen to the soundtrack all of the time when I was younger and I still listen to it often now. It’s music that makes you want to get up and dance and, if you don’t, you’ll be moving around in your chair. The dancing is amazing! You can feel the chemistry between Chayanne and Vanessa Williams. I also enjoyed the mix of dancing. You see the dancing in the studio, the competition and the club. If you’re not a fan of the plots in a dance movie, I think this one is worth watching at least once if you want to see some good dance scenes.

If you’re a fan of reality dance shows like I am (who else is watching So You Think You Can Dance this season?) you might even see two familiar faces during the competition scene.

What are some of your old favorites?

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