On Going to a Movie Theater Alone

For a couple of years I’ve had a goal of going to see a movie alone.

I know, that sounds like a strange goal, but it’s something that I have never done and never thought I would do. In fact, when one of my eighth grade teachers once stated that he prefers to go to movies alone, I thought it was the strangest thing. Sure, his reasoning made sense: you shouldn’t talk to someone in a movie theater, so why feel the need to go see movies with someone?

Still, I thought it sounded strange to go see movies alone, which kind of surprises me, considering I like doing things alone.  But I have a couple of friends who regularly go to movies by themselves, so finally I decided it was something that I wanted to try.

This weekend I went to see Gone Girl. Alone. And I loved it! Sometimes I think I react to things differently if a friend of mine reacts to something that happened, and I liked having a chance to react to things on my own; interpret the movie in my own way. And even though you’re not supposed to talk to people during a movie, people who go see movies together always whisper back and forth. There was none of that during Gone Girl. I was able to relax and watch the movie, then leave once it was over without going through the, “Did you like it?” “Yeah, it was good. You?” “Yeah.”

So yeah, I loved it. And I’ll probably go to a movie alone again. (In fact, right now I feel like that eighth grade teacher and have no interest in going to a movie with a friend again.)

Have you gone to a movie alone? Did you enjoy it? Or do you think it’s a strange thing to do?

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