On Letting Go (and introducing my writing nook)

For years when I was younger I wanted a treadmill. I thought it would be perfect; I could use it instead of trudging around outside on snowy hills during the frigid winters and if I ever felt the urge to run or jog I’d be able to use it for that as well. I just knew that if I had a treadmill I would be on it every day.

And then I got one. I was able to get a treadmill for free from someone who wanted to get rid of theirs and for awhile I used it regularly (but not every day). And I found that as time went on I wanted to use it less and less. If I played music I’d try to dance (literally) and if I watched TV I didn’t want to be walking and I started to choose my dance DVDs over the treadmill.  I started to think of what I could do with the space that the treadmill occupied if I got rid of it. I could put in a desk; I could make this my creative space in the house. At first it was just a passing thought that came and went but throughout 2012 it became something that I desired more and more. Still, I couldn’t let go of my treadmill; of my teenage dream to own this piece of equipment.
Then, I started reading blog posts about having a specific place to write (or do whatever kind of work that you do) and I started dreaming more about converting that part of my house into a creative space. I could use it to store my art supplies and maybe, for once, be able to find my camera charger right when I need it. I’d have a table to sit down at and write with free wall space nearby to put up ideas or plot out novels. Since I wasn’t using the treadmill for exercise (I’ve discovered the joys of Zumba!) it was most beneficial for me to move it out and create space for something that I will use: a writing nook.
The treadmill moved out the other day.  I gave it to a good friend of mine who will hopefully get more use out of it than have been and now this space is free for me to turn into a writing nook.  I will definitely give an update once I have my creative space put together!
I had already moved the shelf with teas and the microwave before taking this picture.
I got started as soon as the treadmill was gone.  I was a little excited!
Also, sorry for the mess on the bookshelves. I was organizing.

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    January 28, 2013 at 5:11 am

    I didn't know you were getting rid of it!! Nice choice though, might as well use your space for something you'll actually do. I keep telling myself I want a treadmill, but I doubt I would really use it! The room looks huge!

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