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I always enjoy reading about the apps that other people have on their phone, so I thought I’d share some of the apps that I have on mine. I recently deleted all of the apps that I don’t use so that I only have the apps that I use on a regular basis or want to keep for those moments that I do want to use them.

Photography & Social Media

I love Instagram, so of course that app is always present on my phone. For photo editing I like to use Afterlight. The other social media app that I have is Twitter, which I’m trying to remember to use more often. There was a time when I thought I was too addicted to Twitter so I forced myself to give it up for awhile and now half the time I don’t remember to use it. But I want to, because it’s a great tool for writers and bloggers.

Used Daily

Other apps that I use on a near daily basis are YouTube (for my favorite beauty videos), Up (to sync my wristband) and Lose It. I don’t track my food all the time, but whenever I do I prefer Lose It because it’s simpler than other food apps that I’ve tried. And since this is also a food-related app (well, drink-related) I’ll list it here: I have the Teavana app for the timer, although I always forget to use it. Maybe if I did I wouldn’t over-steep my tea as often as I do.

Blogging & Writing

For blogging, I have the Blogger app so that I can draft posts while I’m away from home. I also have the Bloglovin‘ app that I use to read the beauty blogs that I don’t always comment on while I’m out of the house, although I do think the app can be glitchy. (Maybe I should update my apps more often? I’m really bad with that.) For other notes and all novel-writing that I do while out of the house, I just use the basic Notepad app that comes on the phone. I’ve tried others, but this is the one that I always return to.


I don’t think it will come as much of a surprise that I have some books app too. I have the Kindle app, of course, so that I can read on the go. I love it because it’ll also sync to my iPad and my Kindle. I have an app for my library, which I love, but it runs slowly so sometimes I’ll just use the browser and go to the website. I also have the Overdrive app, which is where I get eBooks and Audiobooks from my library. And, of course, I have the Audible app. For Bible reading I use the YouVersion Bible app that I heard about from Lauren. I’m reading through their chronological plan right now. I also love this app because you can have it read aloud, so I listen to it every morning while I get ready or during my commute.


I’m not much of a game person but right now I have Jewel World. The two games that I like to have for those moments that I do enjoy playing games are Mahjong (I couldn’t find a link to the one that I use) and Dark Nebula.

Apps that I use occasionally include Stylebook (which I absolutely love
when I use it) for outfit planning and Duolingo to refresh my French

I don’t have any financial apps. I know they can be very helpful, but I don’t feel a need to have that information so accessible if I lose my phone. 
What apps do you have on your phone?

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