Photography Friday #6: Life, Currently

My niece and nephew are here and we are piled on the couch with the dogs watching the Olympics. My nephew is full of questions about the cameras and the judge’s computers and my niece is telling him how things work. It’s pretty cute!

So while we’re watching ice skating, I thought I’d pop in quickly to share a few photos of what my life has been this week.

A sleeping puppy. I took her in to be groomed before the holidays and they cut her hair a little. It’s growing back out now and it’s in a scraggly phase. She looks scraggly all of the time, even after she’s been combed.

My February ipsy Glam Bag came in. I won’t have a review next week, but probably the week after.

I’ve been working on my Weekly Wishes. I cleared out a couple of bins already.

But of course I had to stop regularly as I was putting things away to give tummy rubs.

I’ve also been watching videos and looking at pictures of Kate Middleton’s wedding make-up. I’m helping a friend with her make-up for her wedding this weekend. This was me deciding what I want to do for my own make-up that day.

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