Photography Friday #3: New Year’s Day

Happy Friday, everyone! I’m going to start this post off in true Minnesota fashion and ask:

How is the weather where you are?

It is cold here and it’s just going to get colder over the weekend and into next week. It’s going to be so cold that my workplace sent out an email warning us about how quickly exposed skin can freeze when outside and it’s going to be so cold that the governor canceled all schools on Monday. I can only remember the governor canceling school once and that was the only time that I can remember school being canceled due to weather. Crazy! So if you’re looking for me this weekend you will find me wrapped in a blanket by the fireplace with my puppy by my side.

For Photography Friday today I thought I’d post some of the pictures that I took on New Year’s Day. My family gathered together and we spent a relaxing day sitting around the table to talk and play games and work on whatever needed to be worked on.

For my mom’s birthday we had friends and family write memories of her. We filled as many envelopes as she is old and are giving her the letters in installments.
Roasted red pepper hummus with spinach, cucumbers, feta, olives,
sun-dried tomatoes and onions (blech) and homemade pita chips. This was
delicious and I highly recommend it.

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