The Pickwick Club and Camp NaNo Update

Hello, everyone!  June got away from me and I haven’t had a chance to post in the last week and a half, but I wanted to stop by today and give you all two updates:

1) My good friend (and fellow writer) Tara and I decided to start a book review blog.  I was supposed to launch it on June 1st but June 1st was a  Friday and it kind of slipped my mind.  We were both busy in June, though, so maybe it was a good thing.  Anyway, I launched the blog today so go take a look!  We don’t have any reviews up yet but will hopefully be posting some soon!

2a) Camp NaNo.  I was planning to update throughout the month but for awhile it was slow going.  I did as much planning for my novel as I usually do but realized about halfway through the month that I should have done more for this particular novel.  Writing wasn’t going well and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to pick up the pace in time to complete 50,000 words.  A little over a week before the end of the month I decided to switch to a novel that I’ve had in my mind for quite some time now.  I actually put more words on paper (or on Scrivener) than I would have for the original novel in mind, but wasn’t able to reach 50,000.  I ended with a good start and 30,000 words that are in desperate need of revision!

2b) The next Camp NaNo will take place in August.  I had a novel in mind for that month and I still plan to write that one.  I am also going to start planning this week and will work on a more detailed outline in July so that writing will (hopefully) be easier in August.  I told a friend of mine about Camp NaNo and she immediately signed up to participate in August so I’m excited for her to be involved to provide extra motivation!

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    July 2, 2012 at 4:40 pm

    Wow, the amount of writing that you completed is fantastic either way! Way to go!

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