Project 365 (11/1 – 11/5)

I’m not quite sure how I’ll go about posting my weekly updates for Project 365. I’m sure these posts will evolve over time until I find a routine that I like. But, for now, let’s begin the first post in my Project 365 series.

“Beginnings” (11/1)

The first of November was a day of project beginnings: NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and Project 365. This is my least favorite picture from the week, and I knew it would be, but I also knew that it was the way I wanted to start.

“Beauty” (11/2)

I went for fall colors in my make-up this day. I love this orange, but for some reason I only wear it during fall. It also gave me the perfect excuse for my first prompt, “orange (color).”

“Pepper Tree” (11/3)

We were asked if we wanted home grown peppers and when we said yes we received the entire pepper plant, roots and all.

“Blazing” (11/4)

The fall colors are sticking around for awhile and, as you can imagine, I absolutely love it! I do love the seasons, even if parts of them get little old at times. I am really looking forward to winter this year, but I’m happy that fall is lingering for awhile.

“The Dog (11/5)

The dog and I spent the evening hanging out, watching TV. Well, I watched TV and she slept. I watched the time change from 1:59 to 1:00am with Daylight Savings Time. I love doing that, especially at this time of year when we “Fall Behind.” It’s too depressing in spring when we “Jump Ahead.”


Throughout the month of November I thought I’d also post NaNo updates. This week was a little rough as I was at work each day which cut down on my writing time so I am about 4,000 words behind. I have a word count of 4,652 so far. I tend to write a lot on my days off and not as much the days that I’m at my “day job.” I should be able to catch up with the project soon.

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