Project 365 { April 1 – April 15 }

I must not have taken much time for Project 365 with this round because all of the pictures were bad. Like, really, really bad. I ended up choosing some iPhone pictures over the pictures actually taken on my DSLR. I will definitely make more of an effort the last half of the month.

1. This tree was in our way when we stopped on the scenic overlook in DC to take pictures of the Washington Memorial. Isn’t the bare tree lovely?

2. Seeing the Discovery was my favorite part of the National Air and Space Museum in Virginia. 

3. I love what she does with her feet when she sleeps. Look at those back paws! So cute. 

 4. I made my dad’s favorite coffee cake as a thank you for taking the best care of my Little One, even though he sent me a few “don’t worry, I’m sure she’ll come back” texts. He thinks I worry about Little One… and he’s right. I knew she was in the best of hands, though, which meant that I didn’t have to worry about her while I was gone, so I wanted to say thank you. The coffee cake might not look like much–the crumble didn’t look like a crumble–but I think it was actually the best coffee cake that I’ve made. And the crumble definitely tasted like a crumble.

5. Don’t mind me. Just taking a nap between two pillows.

 6. Reading before bed.

 7. Library book haul.

 8. I love these drops. They make nail polish dry faster.

 9. Currently listening to.

 10. I’ve been reading more physical books recently instead of ebooks, so I picked up some bookmarks.

 11. Little One loves this blanket, so I put it by the pillows that she also loves on the couch. This is her new favorite spot. Also, spring makes for a dirty puppy.

 12. Palms from Palm Sunday Saturday.

 13. I posted this on Instagram, so if you follow me there you may have read this story already. Little One likes to sit on top of the cushions, so she was sitting on the cushion behind me while I was doing some computer work. I had a face mask on, so I got up to wash it off and when I was done I walked back into the room to see her scrambling to stay on top of the back of the couch as the cushion fell. When it finally fell to the couch she just settled in and looked at me. She’s so cute!

14. I’ve been watching Melissa and Joey.

15. One of the plants that I got on Sunday.

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