Project 365 // August 1 – August 15

I almost forgot that today was the day to post a Project 365 update and was preparing to write a Daily Diaries post when I looked at the calendar. I haven’t done a Daily Diaries post for a couple of weeks now and I’ve missed them so I was looking forward to it, but this might be a little more exciting as my Daily Diaries post would have consisted of “work, nephew, work, nephew, work, nephew, maimed my puppy.” What’s that? Maimed my puppy? Oh yes, that was the traumatizing event yesterday where I clipped Little One’s nail too short. She bled, I had to put her nail in corn starch to stop the bleeding, it was all very traumatic. For me, at least. She doesn’t appear to be in any pain or remember it at all and I’ve been assured that this doesn’t make me the world’s worst dog owner. In fact, everything I read online to make sure that I was taking care of it properly stated that even the most experienced dog owners have done this, but I still feel terrible.

But onto the pictures. The battery for my camera wasn’t charged for most of the month so far, so most of these were taken with my phone.

 1. One of my favorite parts of Minneapolis.

 2. Reorganizing my bookshelves.

 3. The bookshelves are finished.

 4. Little One came over when she heard one of the Cav’s that I follow on Instagram barking in a video.

 5. I finally got to see Divergent and I loved it!

 6. My dad brought a fan for my desk to the office because the AC has been working off and on… more off than on.

 7. I thought I’d try this stuff out again. I used to use this all the time when I was in high school. A friend and I used to put it on before band. Did I say before? I meant as the bell was ringing she and I would be slicking on a layer of this.

 8. Went out to eat with my parents.

 9. Bath time for the puppy.

10. I tried to take a picture of Little One’s “nose art” for the art prompt on Instagram, but it never worked out.

 11. Journal time.

 12. Sleepy puppy, part 1.

13. Sleepy puppy, part 2.

14. Creating the large print bulletins the old fashioned way because the printer wasn’t getting along with me.

15. My dad left his water bottle at work yesterday (have I mentioned that I work with him now?), so I picked it up for him today.

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