Project 365 { February 1 – February 15 }

It’s time for another installment of Project 365 photos. Can you believe we are halfway through the month already? Over halfway, technically. So while my niece and I sat down to watch the Olympics again (we’re getting caught up), I thought I’d post the pictures. This batch contains what will hopefully be my worst photo of the year and a couple pictures that you’ve already seen before. There were a couple of nights that I thought, “I already picked up my camera tonight!” even though I picked it up to take photos for the blog. This batch also starts with the little guy who is sleeping in my lap right now.

Feb 1. Brunch guest. 

 Feb 2. Sunday night face mask.

 Feb 3. Cold.

 Feb 4. Cutest feet ever.

 Feb 5. Tummy rub please.

 Feb 6. Can you turn the lights out, please?

 Feb 7. Puppy’s first Olympics. AKA, the worst picture ever. The lights were dimmed, it was taken with my cell phone, and I was trying to hold the puppy up to the TV. I deleted the other picture I took that day because it was boring, but I definitely should have kept it because at least it was in focus.

 Feb 8. To read. If you’re wondering, I haven’t started it yet. I decided to take Natalia’s advice and wait until I’m ready to read this book on its own.

Feb 9. Workout planning.

 Feb 10. Bedtime please?

 Feb 11. Another bedtime please? I was planning to take a different picture that night but then the battery ran out in my camera and it would not have been the same with my phone.

 Feb 12. Little One’s toys, all lined up. She was never interested in toys until this winter, since it has been too cold for her to play outside. That rope toy has pretty much been destroyed after she and Wolf had a tug-of-war fight yesterday.

 Feb. 13. Sleeping puppy.

 Feb 14. He has my bone. Please take it from him.

 Feb 15. Sore. I hate shots.

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