Project 365 { February 16 – 28 }

As I was going through this batch of photos for Project 365 I realized that I should probably branch out a little and not take quite as many pictures of Little One. She’s my favorite subject to take pictures of, but you guys would probably like to see a little bit of variation in the pictures. I’ll have to work on that for the next round. Or maybe I’ll wait until it gets warmer. Right now all that I want to do is hang out inside with my puppy.

Feb 16. A gift from a friend.

 Feb 17. Winter decor.

 Feb 18. Ready for bed.

Feb 19. Putting together some empty packaging for the Back 2 MAC program.

Feb 20. Cuddly puppy.

Feb 21. Tuckered out after a day of playing in the snow.

Feb 22. Staying hydrated. I had to take this picture because a friend of mine was over, and when she comes I always have a pitcher of water out. She says I keep her hydrated.
  Feb 23. Chamomile tea before bed.
 Feb 24. Pulling out the spring lip glosses.
 Feb 25. Shadows.
 Feb 26. Books to read soon. (And a favorite collection of poetry at the bottom of the stack.)
Feb 27. Shopping my stash. I’m putting together an eye look and I thought, “I need to go to MAC to get….” and then I realized I probably had something like that in my train case.
 Feb 28. First test complete. I think I found the products I’ll use, but I’m trying another combination later.
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