Project 365 { January 16 – January 31 }

Happy Friday! Since it’s the last day in January I thought I’d post the next batch of Project 365 photos. It was difficult to remember to take pictures the last half of the month so there are a lot that I’m not happy with in this batch. There are also a bunch of iPhone pictures. And there are lots of Little One, of course! Not only is she cute, but she’s a wonderful subject if I need to take a last minute photo.

Jan 16. Puppy loves popcorn–like the smell of it, the sound of it, everything. She goes crazy when she hears popcorn popping.

Jan 17. Love tea leaves.

Jan 18. Face of the day.

Jan 19. Puppy found a pen.

Jan 20. Just chillin’.

Jan 21. Beverages from a mermaid power lunch. iPhone photo.

Jan 22. Sleepy puppy. iPhone photo.

Jan 23. Currently reading.

Jan 24. Blurry, last minute photo of Little One.

Jan 25. Flowers.

Jan 26. End of the flowers. It was a little chilly in the house, so the flowers didn’t last too long.

Jan 27. One of my favorite restaurants. iPhone photo.

Jan 28. January birthday cake. iPhone photo.

Jan 29. Nosy puppy.

Jan 30. Just chillin’ {pt. 2}. I didn’t realize I had two pictures just like this.

Jan 31. Kale soup.

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