Project 365 // June 1 – June 15

Happy Father’s Day to all of the father’s out there, especially to my dad. I truly am blessed to have such a wonderful, loving, caring and supportive father and I’m so thankful to have him in my life. I gave him a big hug today and Little One gave him the honor of giving her tummy rubs. (I do have an actual present for him, but it hasn’t arrived yet.)

After seeing Aimee’s cell phone pictures post I thought that I should start doing those from time to time. I think the pictures on my phone are definitely more representative of my day-to-day life than the pictures on my DSLR, since I have my phone with me all the time.

As it turns out, this Project 365 post is pretty much a cell phone picture post. When I sat down to put the pictures together I thought, “I don’t remember pulling out my DSLR much during the last fifteen days.” And I was right. Most of the pictures on my camera were taken for other blog posts. So I hope you enjoy this mostly cell phone edition of Project 365.

1. Just chillin’. I love that her tail is a blur in the back… she gets excited when you look at her.
  2. Sunlight through the trees on my walk home.
 3. My coworker and I ran out during the day to get some tea from Caribou. This was the Ginger Pom Sparkling Tea… I think that’s what it’s called.
 4. I returned a bunch of books to the library and then wrote a few of them down to remember to check out again later. And I added one that hasn’t been released yet.
5. A package from Fern arrived. She was my pen pal for Lovely Letters in May.
6. Bubble tea from Chatime at the Mall of America with my best friend.
7. Wolf was here for the night.
8. My adorable Little One on her favorite perch.
9. Went out for lunch with my coworker’s.
 10. Standing in the unmoving line at Victoria’s Secret. I ran in for some body spray and spent a bunch of time there waiting to check out.
 11. When I pose Little One for pictures for posts, it’s kind of a miracle that I actually get the shot. I spend a lot of time giving her tummy rubs and trying to sneak up on her so that I can get the picture before she rolls over.
12. My coworker and I wanted a little something sweet so we picked up animal crackers. And then we chugged water because those things are sweet! (Like the shadow of my cell phone in the picture? A high quality photo, this is!)
13. Little One on her favorite perch again.
 14. A friend of mine posted a picture of Roasted Cauliflower and Corn Tacos on Instagram and inspired me to make them. I added lettuce, avocado, sweet peppers, tomatoes and Greek yogurt. They were delicious!
 15. I went to a seminar the day that I went to MOA with my best friend (Chatime picture) and the leader suggested tracking how we spend our time for a month, so I’ve been doing that and it’s kind of interesting to see where my time goes.
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