Project 365 // June 16 – June 30

June must have been the month for cell phone photos because most of these came from my phone like the first half of the month did. Next month I’ll have to remember to pull out my DSLR more often.

16. The sky was a really pretty color that night.

 17. Packing up the bag.

 18. This little guy was hanging out on the window.

 19. Went out for happy hour with a group from my workplace.

 20. Sleeping in the sunlight.

 21. Dachshunds always look so cute curled up like this.

 22. Playing with some make-up.

 23. Making plans.

 24. Hanging out.

 25. “You called? Can’t you see that I’m busy guarding my turf?” – Little One

 26. It’s always like a scene from The Birds when they take off flying.

 27. Went out with a friend I haven’t seen for ages. 

 28. Ready to leave the vet. 

 29. Lazy Sunday.

30. I *almost* picked up this headband with Princess Leia buns for Little One when I stopped by Petco after work to pick up dog food. But then I took a moment to think about it and wondered when I’d actually have a need to put this on her. Little One is probably breathing a sigh of relief that I kept on walking. And she’s probably thanking her lucky stars that I found another bag of treats to try out.

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